The Basement Door

*scroll down for professional installation VIDEO*

  • Heavy 12 Gauge Steel
  • Baked On Red Iron Oxide Primer
  • Concealed Coil Spring Lift For Easy Opening
  • Overlapping Inside Flange Design And Concealed Hinges

          Made In America


I. Assemble Frame : Note use picture (I) on opposite side for appropriate orientation of parts.

II. Attach Frame To House: If backfill is available only attach at center hole. If there is no backfill, measure for square. Drill and attach frame.

III. Slide On Door Panels: Align hinge with hinge pockets. (See picture 2) and place catch rods into catch slides on the head bar. Place spring in adjacent bracket with the arm sitting on the hinge. Slide pin through brackets, spring, and hinge. Secure with cotter pin. (See picture 3 for orientation) Please note that the door panel will have to be propped up to ensure hole aligmnent. This is commonly done with a. screwdriver, framing pencil, etc.


IV. Align And Adjust Door Panels: If you have backfill adjust frame so that the door will open and close without binding.

V. Drill And Attach Frame: Note hammer pins work best for frame attachment

VI. Caulk flame and paint with an exterior alkyd enamel as soon as possible